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Corporate Snake Training – South Africa

The African Snakebite Institute is the leading training provider of professional and accredited snake awareness, first aid for snakebite and Venomous snake handling in Africa!

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The African Snakebite Institute is the leading training provider of professional snake awareness, first aid for snakebite and venomous snake handling in Africa!

Our courses are in-depth and up to date, covering all aspects of snake awareness and safe handling techniques. Our trainers collectively have over 60 years of safe snake handling experience, writing scientific publications and presentation experience.

Our safe snake handling protocols were developed by Johan Marais while working as curator at some of Africa’s leading snake parks and as a result of visits to various reptile parks and research facilities in the USA, Mexico, U.K., Spain, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, China, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and various African countries. We pride ourselves on teaching delegates the safest available protocols for capturing and releasing venomous snakes.

Being the leading training provider in Africa, our clients include the likes of Sasol, Eskom, Department of Water Affairs, Umgeni Water, Master Drilling, Group 5, Anglo American, De Beers, Wilderness Safaris, Singita, Wind and Solar Farms, Siemens, Cape Nature and various mines and construction companies throughout Africa.

Snake Awareness, First aid for Snakebite and Venomous Snake Handling

It is a 2 – 3 hour program that includes a section on the major groups of scorpions, prevention of stings, the do’s and dont’s of basic first aid for scorpion sting, spider awareness, the dangerous spiders and first aid, bee sting, snake awareness, snake biology and behaviour, myths and superstition, identification of snakes in the area, basic first aid for snakebite and a discussion on the medical treatment of snakebite.

The practical snake handling session lasts about two hours (depending on the size of the group) and delegates are taught how to safely capture and contain venomous snakes using snake tongs, snake hooks, snake tubes and snake buckets. At no stage do delegates make any physical contact with the snakes (i.e. grabbing by the tail or neck) – this is an unnecessary risk and conflicts with the health and safety protocols of most corporate companies. The purpose of this segment is to teach delegates safe protocols on how to cope with and safely remove venomous snakes in an emergency situation.

Snake Awareness courses fall under the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), Section 8 (1) and (2) E and it is imperative that such training is provided by an accredited service provider.

Venomous snakes are provided for the training and will include species appropriate for the region such as the Puff Adder, Snouted Cobra, Rinkhals and Cape Cobra (but will vary).

Our theoretical awareness session covers:

Spider Bite and Scorpion Sting First Aid Treatment

Snake Behaviour and Biology

Snake Identification

How to deal with Snake Encounters

Myths and Superstitions

Prevention of Snakebite

First Aid for Snakebite

Discussion on the Use of Antivenom

Discussion on Medical Treatment of Snakebite


Our practical venomous snake handling session covers:

Correct protocols for snake sightings on-site

Introduction to snake handling equipment and using the correct equipment for the snake removal

Learning how to use snake hooks

Learning how to use snake tongs

Handling a selection of local venomous snakes with appropriate equipment

Safely working with snake containers

Teamwork for snake removals

Implementing crowd control

Choosing suitable release sites

Advice on required permits for snake removal

Each delegate receives both a digital and hard copy course certificate, which is valid for 24 months from date of issue.

The delegates also receive a Snakes in the Workplace booklet and an A3 Dangerous Snakes of Southern Africa poster.

The African Snakebite Institute provides all the necessary snake handling equipment for the duration of the training.

Recommendations will be made as to what equipment is required when capturing and relocating snakes.

The African Snakebite Institute is the leading provider of quality snake handling equipment in Africa and we stock a full range of snake handling equipment as well PPE, books, posters, scorpion torches and comprehensive first aid kits for snakebite.

Our Snake Awareness, First Aid for Snakebite and Venomous Snake Handling course is registered with the following bodies:
HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) – registered health professionals earn 4 CPD points.
SAIOSH (South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) – registered participants receive 2 CPD points.
PCIPC (Pest Control Industry Professional Council) – registered members receive 3 CPD points when completing this course.
Our courses are accredited by the ISZS (the International Society of Zoological Sciences) and recognised by the AFGA (African Field Guides Association) and the NFTGA (National Federation of Tourist Guides & Affiliates).

Our courses are presented by Johan Marais, Luke Kemp, Willem Van Zyl or Sake van Wyk.

Johan Marais is one of Africa’s leading herpetologists with over 45 years of experience. Johan is the most prominent author of snake books in Africa and has written the best-sellers A Complete Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa, Snakes and Snakebite in Southern Africa and First Aid for Snakebite, to mention just a few.

Luke Kemp is a keen herpetologist and photographer who has been working for the African Snakebite Institute for more than four years and, in addition to presenting courses, develops much of the ASI course material and does the identification of snakes from all over Africa on the ASI App. He is also co-authoring a new a book with Johan on the Reptiles & Amphibians of southern Africa.

Willem Van Zyl is an experienced snake handler, wildlife photographer and wilderness first responder who has been working with the African Snakebite Institute for the last five years. He has done many public and corporate snake awareness and venomous snake handling courses. Willem is a software developer, who assists with ASI website and created our hugely popular free App ASI Snakes.

Sake van Wyk has been associated with the African Snakebite Institute for many years and has been trained by Johan Marais. He has presented snake awareness, first aid for snakebite and venomous snake handling training to various companies and institutions throughout South Africa. He is a keen herpetologist and also an avid reptile photographer.

In order for us to present on-site training, we require a lecture venue large enough to accommodate the delegates, and a white screen for projection of the presentation. Delegates are asked to bring their own pens and note pads should they wish to take notes.

For the snake handling session we require an area outside (preferably in shade) about a quarter the size of a tennis court. The African Snakebite Institute will provide all the snake handling equipment required for use on the day.

Delegates who are doing the venomous snake handling are to wear closed shoes and long trousers.

We require an official purchase order and completed course booking form, in order for us to reserve training dates.

Advanced First aid for Snakebite.
This training is not part of the Snake Awareness and Venomous Snake Handling course and includes training on how to apply pressure immobilisation bandages and the use of a bag valve mask reserve with and/or without oxygen.

It is a half-day course and successful delegates receive a certificate in Advanced First Aid for Snakebite.

Snake Awareness and Venomous Snake Handling costs R1695.00 (VAT included) per delegate with a minimum of 12 delegates.

For Snake Awareness and First Aid for Snakebite alone (without handling) the charge per delegate is R1035.00 (VAT included) if less than 15 delegates. And R850.00 per person for 15 delegates or more.

Advanced First Aid for Snakebite costs R1250.00 (VAT included) per delegate with a minimum of 12 delegates.

Travel from and to Pretoria is charged at R6.50/km (VAT included) and accommodation and meals will be quoted on for sites more than 300km from Pretoria.

Flights and vehicle rental will be charged additionally for training in the Western and Eastern Capes.

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Click here to download our Corporate Training brochure, which includes full course details and course costs.

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