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Online Beginners Guide to Snake Identification 

There are 176 species and subspecies of snakes in southern Africa. Some of these snakes are rare or uncommonly encountered as they may have restricted distributions or are not abundant. Other species may be wide-ranging and are commonly encountered.

This course will examine the basic and common groups of snakes in Southern Africa.

Online Advanced Snake Identification

Snake identification can be a tricky task for beginners and even for snake enthusiasts or experts. Of the 176-odd species and subspecies that occur in Southern Africa, there are a few groups that seem to confuse people frequently.

This course covers easily confused snakes and commonly misidentified species. We include distribution maps, scale counts and a key to identification within each group.

Online Snake Awareness and First Aid for Snakebite

This course covers the basics of snake awareness in southern Africa, first aid for snakebite, behavior, anatomy, venom, and myths. Spiders and scorpions are also covered but not comprehensively.

Snake Removers Database

We maintain a list of snake removers throughout Southern Africa.

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