ASI Herpetological Association

ASI Herpetological Association

With more and more people completing our snake awareness and snake handling courses and more recently our online courses, and after several requests, we have decided to start a herpetological association that will convene regular meetings and produce a newsletter.

We offer member meetings, covering a wide range of subjects, given by excellent speakers.

The ASI Herpetological Association has already been approved to assist GDARD with permit applications for indigenous reptiles in Gauteng, and other conservation bodies throughout South Africa will be approached for similar approval.

As many of our course delegates and online course participants are not in Gauteng, we have made provision for corresponding members. Such members will receive the ASI Herp Bulletin free of charge. All Herp Bulletins will be posted on the African Snakebite Institute website ( and will be available to non-members one month after publication.

Full membership of the ASI Herpetological Association costs R 180.00 per year, family membership (two adults and two children under 18 years) R 300.00 per year, student memberships are R 120.00 and scholar membership R 100.00 per year and junior membership (under 12) is free, as is corresponding membership.

We publish an ASI Herp Bulletin which is available to all as a free download from our website ( Our future bulletins will be available free to all members, but non-members will only have access to the bulletin one month after publication.

We welcome comments as well as contributions to the next bulletin. Please email Luke on for details.

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