ASI Full First Aid Kit for Snakebite


ASI Smart Pressure Bandage × 2

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ASI Pocket Resus Mask

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ASI Adult Resuscitator

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ASI First Aid for Snakebite Booklet

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Great to keep at home base, camp, or even in the car to make sure you have the right equipment on hand to deal with a snakebite emergency.

The ASI First Aid Kit for Snakebite contains the following:

2 x Smart Pressure Bandages (For Black Mamba and Cape Cobra bites only)
1 x roll-up splint
1 x Pocket Resus Mask
1 x ASI Adult Resuscitator
200 ml sodium chloride for venom in the eyes
1 x emergency eyewash container, eye patch, safety glasses, examination gloves, scissors, emergency blanket and paracetamol.

And the ASI First Aid for Snakebite booklet

Comes packed in a 30 x 25 x 20 cm durable zip up bag.

Please note, our First Aid for Snakebite Kits do not include antivenom.
Antivenom needs to be administered in a hospital environment by trained medical professionals. More info on that here.

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