JM100 Snake Tong



Introducing the Johan Marais range of snake tongs – the new and improved design of our best selling PRO Snake Handling Tongs.

The JM100 Snake Tong is the newest addition to our popular and extensive range of snake tongs.

Based on our best selling PRO series, the JM tongs come with a few important modifications, which have been tried and tested. We have extended the upper jaw of the JM tongs so that the overbite extends 3.4 cm and the tongs work far better because of this. (in most snake tongs the overbite only extends around 1.5 cm – or less in the cheap Chinese imports)

We’ve also decreased the gap between the upper and lower parts of the jaw when the tongs are closed – this should be no larger than 1 – 2 mm.
In other words the two sections should nearly touch. Otherwise the snake is easily pinched and it is impossible to catch smallish snakes.
We’ve also added a double crimp to the steel cable.

Overall a fantastic tong that is used extensively by snake handlers and in snake parks. Durable and very good quality – comes with a guarantee.

Available in various colours. (Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Gold)

Total length  110 cm
Weighs  670 g

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